Our story

Nursability: Providing the care you need.

We are a nursing service created to offer tourists, short-stay residents and local residents professional care and medical services.

Nursability was launched in 2019 by founder Kimberly Hoo, a registered Intensive Care Nurse based in Aruba. She has over 15 years of experience in the field. During her career she noticed that many tourists from all over the world are admitted on a weekly basis to the hospital where she worked. Many of these tourists could have avoided an admission and an expensive bill if they had received the help needed, sooner. 

They could have continued to enjoy their vacation without worrying how they are going to pay an unexpected hospital bill.

She quickly realized that there is a business opportunity to connect tourists to affordable and reliable healthcare service: Nursability; a service that will provide in-house services and accessibility supplies 24/7. 

Tourists and local residents will avoid the inconvenience of leaving their hotel room, home or apartment, instead, a nurse will come directly to them and provide the needed care and service.

The care services will be provided at Local Homes, Airbnb, Vacation Home Rentals, Apartments and Hotels. 

Our Mission and Vision


To make healthcare accessible, easy, reliable, affordable comfortable and discreet to tourists, short-term residents and local residents by giving them the best health care service.